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Perform Rapid, Automated Manhole Inspection with SECA’s New CleverScan

With the press of a button, CleverScan performs a rapid, high-res, fully automated manhole inspection. You get a flat image scan that captures detail from every inch of manhole wall, plus a dense point cloud that can be easily merged into any CAD or 3D application. CleverScan’s compact, lightweight design travels anywhere and deploys in minutes.

Perfect system for Local government, Water Authorities, Contractors

  • Get a high-res image scan AND dense 3D point cloud in 2-3 minutes
  • Automated scanning with the press of a button
  • Suits manholes up to 1200mm wide 10m deep
  • Deploys from any vehicle with only one operator
  • Battery operated- rechargeable
  • Included software shows scan image and 3D view
  • Fully compatible with ArcGIS, WinCan, and MACP
  • Employs five HD cameras and laser array

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Manholes generate a disproportionate amount of infiltration and play a unique role in the structural integrity of roadways.  When CleverScan was engineered, the focus was on maximizing detail and minimizing cost-per-manhole. This resulted in a system that is fully automated, with high-res visual and dimensional capabilities, and portable enough for a single operator to deploy practically anywhere.

CleverScan sits over an open manhole. With the press of a button, the system’s probe descends into the manhole, capturing image data using five (5) HD cameras and building a dimensional profile using an array of four (4) lasers. An onboard rangefinder controls descent and determines when the scan is complete. Scan data is immediately transferred to a laptop running CleverScan software, where it can be viewed, annotated and shared.

“Authorities are realizing they need to understand manhole condition, but cost constraints hold them back,” says Mark Quealy, Managing Director of SECA. “CleverScan minimizes the budget footprint of any manhole scanning program. A single operator can complete 25-30 scans per day.”

CleverScan integrates seamlessly with WinCan inspection reporting and asset management software. It travels in virtually any vehicle and runs a full day on rechargeable batteries.




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