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Whether deciding what tool to use, verifying proper cleaning, or determining whether the additional inspection is needed—JetScan is the quick, easy way to see what you’re jetting.
This video nozzle is affordable enough to put on every cleaning truck, yet quickly captures valuable HD footage of pipe that can be viewed moments later on a PC or tablet.

Traverse lines 150 - 375mm Dia. (375-600mm with extensions)
Capture HD video with self-leveling, illuminated camera.
Record 8 hours of MPEG video footage to SD or SDHC card.
View footage on any SD- or SDHC-compatible tablet or PC.
Attach to any jetter above 60LPM


Start recording
Press the record button on the camera. It will flash to indicate recording
Inspect pipe
Capture footage as JetScan advances through the pipe
Review footage
After inspection, stop recording and eject the memory card to view footage on a tablet or PC

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