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AGILIOS Pan & Tilt Push Camera


The AGILIOS pan & tilt push camera system consists of a coiler with a reinforced, yet flexible push rod of up to 90 m length, two control panels, various axial cameras and a pan & tilt head camera

  • Multi-functional, portable operator panel VC500
  • For inspecting pipes 80mm – 300mm 
  • Cable lengths up to 90m
  • Self-levelling high-resolution image
  • Ergonomic handle for easy handling and comfortable transport
  • Extremely robust, yet flexible push rod
  • Export to USB or via WIFI
  • Swivel arm to mount the mobile control panel VC500
  • Mains or battery operation possible
  • Side bag for storing the power cable and battery pack



More Info

The AGILIOS™ -System has an operating range of up to 90 m and is suitable for inspections starting at a diameter of DN 50 (house laterals).

High flexibility is ensured due to the combination of an extremely robust and flexible push rod with high pipe bend mobility and a pan & tilt head camera, as well as a multi-functional control panel - further optimized by optional battery pack operation.

The VC500 control panel allows to carry out inspections according to predefined standards.Self-explanatory handling, ergonomic design and a robust construction ensure utmost efficiency.


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