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QuickView airHD


OPTIMIZED For Productivity

The new Quickview airHD is the only zoom survey camera to offer these features to boost your productivity, detail and safety:

  • Remote tilt adjustment
  • HD video
  • Cable-free (wireless) design
  • Touchscreen tablet control
  • In-manhole view centering
  • Hands-free stabilization

VIVID Inspection Detail

  • Quad-Haloptic light engine maximizes viewing distance and side wall illumination.
  • HD camera delivers 4X more detail than SD.
  • Low-lux imager captures enhanced detail from darker/farther regions.

EASY To See What Matters

  • Touchscreen tablet interface allows control, viewing, annotation and playback.
  • For optimum centerline viewing, camera height and tilt adjust remotely.
  • Clamp-on bipod allows hands-free operation for maximum image stability.

PORTABLE To Deploy Anywhere

  • System components travel in compact, rugged roller case with telescoping handle.
  • Collapsible pole fits in pick-up bed, but extends to 16’ (or longer with extensions).
  • Rechargeable, swappable 4-hr lithium ion batteries keep you inspecting all day.
  • WiFi-based control and video transmission means no cables.

More Info

Wireless HD Pipeline Zoom Assessment

A quantum leap in zoom assessment technology, the new cable-free QuickView airHD camera captures high-definition (HD) video from pipelines, and transmits it wirelessly to a touchscreen tablet for live viewing. With the Quickview app installed, the tablet offers fingertip control of zoom, illumination, and tilt, as well as image capture and video recording/playback/annotation/sharing. And because the camera has motorized tilt, as well as in-manhole centering capability and hands-free stabilization, set-up takes virtually no time at all, and both the operator’s hands remain free to operate the tablet.

Wireless HD Video

View brilliant detail from inside pipelines on a tablet display without a single cable connection. The Quickview airHD combines a high-sensitivity HD camera, powerful zoom optics (30X optical, 10X digital), and an enhanced Quad Haloptic light engine to deliver vivid footage over thin air.

Touchscreen Tablet Controls

With Quickview airHD's wireless capabilities, not only can you view, record, annotate and share live HD video, you can also capture still images from live or recorded video, and control illumination, zoom, tilt and focus right from your fingertips. Additional users can connect to the camera in view-only mode to observe the inspection you're performing. All this capability is available from within the Quickview app, which is available for Android and iOS tablets.

In-Manhole Centering

No more guessing pipe size and manually adjusting the camera's centering foot. With its new design, simply push down against the foot's gas spring until the view is centered in the pipe; a ratchet will hold your position. (If you go too far, simply push the foot to its lowest extent and the ratchet will release to the highest position so you can start over.)

Motorized Tilt

Don't rely on handheld adjustments to align your view precisely with the pipe. Motorized tilt capability on the Quickview airHD lets you adjust camera angle over a 40-degree range using simple touchscreen controls. Once you aligned, an inclinometer in the camera head reads your absolute tilt so you can estimate pipe grade.

Powerful Illumination

QuickView airHD's patented Haloptic technology gives you more illumination farther into the pipe with optimum alignment at every distance. The new Quad Haloptic configuration uses four offset reflector/lamp pairs to fully encircle the camera with powerful light.

Simple, Hands-Free Setup

From a 4-foot collapased length, our new pole unfolds to 8 feet. Each half then telescopes an additional 4 feet for a total extended length of 16 feet. The pole attaches to the camera head with a quick-disconnect. Once positioned in the manhole, the pole is held stable at the top with a detachable arm.

*Tablet not included


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