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RYCOM 8873 Cable Avoidance Kit

SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE & IDEAL for locating camera inspection systems and sondes the 8873 is an effective solution for sewer inspection and drain cleaning. Available with 33kHz, 512kHz & 640kHz ensures tracking of any manufacturer’s camera or sonde system operating on these common frequencies. Based on RYCOM’s long line of locators the 8873 offers a simple to operate system with proven technology.  Push-button depth along with peak signal response allows the user to minimize interference and maintain the locate on the sonde or inspection system. RYCOM INSTRUMENTS®, INC. Locators are designed to make utility locating as accurate as you need and as simple as you want. RYCOM products are manufactured in the United States to ensure quality and long term value. 

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Cable Avoidance Kit

8872 Transmitter 
1 watt transmitter with disposable C-cell batteries capable of direct connection, transmitter induction and coupler induction

Inductive Coupler 4" I.D
4” I.D. inductive coupler used to apply signal on live cables when direct connection is not possible. Operational frequency range 8kHz to 82kHz.

Ground Connection Extension Kit
Two 15ft cords and 2 ground rods for reaching desired grounding location

Protective Carry Case
A heavily padded protective case for equipment during transport and use

RYCOM Instruments understands the needs of our customers and the demands in the field. Designed and proven to be dependable for years of reliable field service, RYCOM equipment not only provides up-front cost savings, but also low ownership cost over the product’s life.


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