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Dancutter Mini Bike

Incredibly Flexible & Powerfull In A Small Package


  • 50 - 70mm pipe diameters
  • 5m air supply hose
  • Full 360o rotation
  • Air motor driven at 15,000 rpm
  • Travels through a 50° bend in a 50mm pipe
  • Travels successively through 90° bend/angle of 70mm pipe
  • Extremely flexible and powerful

More Info

Incredibly flexible Cutter which can work in small pipe dimensions.

Travels through a 50o bend in a 50 mm pipe. In a 70 mm pipe, it can go through several successively 90o angles.

The operator has a very good contact with the Cutter at work, which he manages laterally through the 2 wires that are attached to the handlebars. The Cutter is positioned by turning the handlebars. 

The Cutter in equipped with an air grinder which is actuated by a valve, which is also attached to the handlebars. 

The DC MINI BIKE is delivered with 5 m supply hose/guide. 

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