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Dancutter DC-160

The cutter is used in pipes as sewer pipes, water pipes, ventilation shafts, oil pipes etc. in sizes from 190mm to 700mm.

By relining an existing pipe with a liner the cutter is used to reopen laterals. DC 160 is also used to mill away concrete, tree roots, rubber rings, metal and all types of deposits before relining.

The cutter works with a cutting head that is driven by an air motor. The air motor is connected on the lifting arm, so the grinding motor can be raised up and down. The lifting arm is mounted on the rotating unit, operated by an electric motor (24V DC) and can rotate continuously.

The air motor and lifting arm, is both supplied with air through a supply tube, which is mounted in the rear end of the cutter. All functions are controlled from the control panel on two joy sticks.

The powerful cutter passed back and forth in the pipe using two wiresoils with steel wire that provides a working radius of up to 150 m.

The Cutter is fixed in the pipe using wire game and a brake cylinder that is mounted in the rear of the cutter so as to achieve high stability in milling.

Cutter can be introduced into the pipe system via 1000 mm. Well.

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Appr. 40 kg


230/115 V AC - 50/60 Hz - 24V DC

Outside diameter:

160 mm

Air-motor variable speed:

Up to 4600 RPM

Air-requirement per minute:

Appr. 1600 liters

Air pressure:

Appr. 7 bar

Length without cutter arm:

930 mm

Length with cutter arm:

1300 mm



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