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Cherne Air-Loc Vacuum Equipment

Air-Loc® Vacuum Pump Features:
• Choose a Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine–each with low-oil shut-off to prevent engine failure
• Heavy-duty frame with optional wheel kit
• Unbreakable aluminum filter jars
• Oil-free graphite vane pump for no-fuss lubrication
• Draws 10" Hg vacuum in about two minutes for a 15' deep manhole (18 CFM at 10" Hg)

Air-Loc® Vacuum Generator Features:
• Converts standard air compressor into a vacuum source for testing manholes–draws a vacuum in minutes
• Vacuum Generator 460 delivers 14 CFM at 10" Hg
- Air compressor: minimum 7 CFM at 100 PSI
• Vacuum Generator 600 delivers 42 CFM at 10" Hg, meeting or exceeding the competition
- Air compressor: minimum 85 CFM at 100 PSI

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How to Locate a Leak

Manhole testing is performed by creating a vacuum in the manhole and monitoring a gauge for vacuum loss. If a loss does occur, there is a simple way to locate the leak. You simply pour soapy water on the inside walls of the manhole, draw another vacuum and then look for the bubbles and you have identified the location of your leak.

*Always block plugs when conducting air tests!


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