Cherne “Pillow Style” Test-Ball® & Muni-Ball ® Plugs | Sewer Equipment


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Cherne “Pillow Style” Test-Ball® & Muni-Ball ® Plugs

Cherne's Pillow-Style Test-Ball® and Muni-Ball® plugs are great for blocking sewer flow and can also be used for sewer air testing. Made from heavy-duty elastic urethane, these plugs are lightweight, flexible, chemical and petroleum-resistant, and will fit through small diameter
openings. Pillow-style plugs can be tethered with the attached tether bars, and will work in all types of pipe, including ductile iron sizes.
• Equipped with a special 30' inflation hose, read-back line and gauge
• A repair kit is available to fix small tears and punctures
• Muni-Ball® style plugs feature a bypass with threaded nipples on both ends

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