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  • Working area is 75 - 150mm Dia.
  • 360° continuously rotation of the milling motor 
  • Cutter can move through two successive 45° bends in a 75mm pipe
  • Cutter can move through 90° bend/angle of a relined 110mm pipe
  • 25 or 50m supply hose available
  • Air motor powered, running at up to 15,000 rpm. Air consumption of 650 liters/minute @ 7 bar
  • Built-in 12.1" color monitor

Extremely flexible and user-friendly cutter that can work in small pipes. The stainless steel frame contains 25 or 50 m supply hose which the cutter is fixed direct on to. The supply hose is supplying air, sprinkler and power to the cutter and is used to push the cutter to the working position hereafter the control of the cutter takes place on the supplied control panel.

Working area is 75 - 150 mm / 3 - 6 in. In order to work in 150 mm the skip set, that is in the toolbox, have to be mounted. The DC SUPER FLEX has a built-in slip ring to the camera, which allows 360° continuously rotation of the milling motor There is also built-in lock and slip ring on the stainless steel frame, so the cutter can freely be moved back and forth with the supply hose, while working 

with and operating the cutter.

The camera has a side-mounted spray nozzle for cleaning the camera lens, which is activated on the control panel, from which the continuously rotation and forward/reverse movement of the cutter is controlled by the two joystick. 

Cutter has a built-in forward/backward movement of 60 mm. Raising the milling motor is controlled also at one of these joysticks. There is a built-in 12.1 " color monitor in the lid of the control unit. The cutter can move through two successive 45° bends in a 75 mm pipe, and a 90° bend/angle of a relined 110 mm pipe.

Wheels on the stainless steel frame,provides an easy and  hassle free movement to and from the workplace. There are mounted oil lubricates and water separator at the stainless steel frame. 

Max water content delivered by compressor per m3 supply air should be maximum: 20g/m3 .

Cutting engine consists of an air motor, which runs at up to 15,000 revolutions per minute. It has an air consumption of 650 liters/minute and need 7 bar working pressure. The compact Cutters are made from a resistant stainless 

steel alloy - which gives a minimum maintenance of the cutter.

The stainless steel frame measuring: Width: 500 mm. Length: 1000 mm. Height: 1050 mm.

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