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Electric Eel Model K

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32mm to 75mm lines
Economical Model K comes standard with 15m of 12.5mm cable and 3 cleaning tools. Weighs only 23kgs. Cage can hold 30m of cable. Cable is certified music wire with genuine galvanised aircraft wire inner core for longer life.
Large crank handle provides firm grip for easier turning. Nickel plated cable cage rotates freely on self aligning bearings. Thumb screw at front of cage anchors cable securely. Heavy duty steel frame is reinforced on both sides with steel braces. 
Tools included are General Purpose, Stoppage tool and Finishing tool.
  • Model K Kit with 15m of 12.5mm cable and general purpose tool, stoppage tool and finishing tool
  • Model K Replacement Cable 15m of 12.5mm aircraft inner-core cable
  • DN-10 General Purpose Tool 32mm to 50mm diameter lines
  • DN-11 Stoppage Tool 32mm to 50mm diameter lines
  • DN-12 Finishing Tool 32mm to 50mm diameter lines
  • DN-14 Drill 50mm to 75mm diameter lines

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