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Injection Gun & Cartridge Series

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Why use the MC-Fastpack System?

  • Ready-to-use system, no separate mixing of material, preset mixing ratio
  • No material wastage through mixing up too much material, cleaning the pump etc.
  • No additional cleaning of pump and equipment, no thinners involved
  • No additional waste disposal of liquid waste or reacted materials
  • Ensures always the optimal viscosity as mixing occurs just before injection
  • Lower purchase cost compared to pumps
  • No maintenance required
  • One-man injection job, only minimum training required
  • Easy to control injected amount of material



More Info

Pneumatic Gun

Pneumatic industrial grade gun grade suitable for 400ml cartridges using 1:1, 2:1 and 4:1 mix ratio. Gun is sold with 1:1 mix ratio and separate attachment needed for 2:1 and 4:1 mix ratio.


MC-Fastpack 2700 – 400ml

Fast reaction limited foam at head for pressurised water stop and rigid polyurethane for structural repair to concrete structures. MC-Fastpack 2700 will form a solid with no contact with water or blended with water, will create a limited foam and solid material inside or behind concrete structure.


MC-Fastpack 2300 top – 400ml

Flexible, low viscosity, polyurethane for wet, damp or dry crack injection for elastomeric bonding, closing and sealing water holding and concrete structures. AS4020 certified for potable water concrete structure internal and external injection.


MC-Fastpack 1264 compact – 400ml

Low viscosity, rigid epoxy for force transmitting, closing and sealing ≥0.3 dry or damp crack injection for traffic and monolithic concrete structures.


MC-Fastpack PU Solid – 400ml

Fast reaction and setting, paste viscosity, polyurethane adhesive for surface adhesion packers or spot adhesion and fixing to concrete and masonry substrates.


MC-Fastpack Sewer Inject – 400ml

Fast reaction, closed cell, expansion foam for pressurised water stop injection in active leaking concrete and pipe structures. Apply ombran W or MC Fix ST hydraulic cement based ‘plug’ after injection to provide long term seal to structures


Bore Packer

Bore packer to concrete structure for water stop and void injection


Mounting (hammer) Tool

Tool for bore packer to penetrate back of structure for injection


Surface Adhesion Packer

Surface packer to concrete for crack injection


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