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Manhole Safety Grates

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It is widely known in the industry that opening a manhole is a high risk and fatal activity that requires operators to erect approved safety equipment. It is impractical and inefficient to erect and remove, in typical situations, safety barricades each time a manhole is needed to be inspected or maintenance to be carried out.

Benefits of Safety Grates:

  • Provides easy access for services or equipment with a hinged service hole
  • Eliminates falls from heights where work is conducted near or over sewer openings
  • Allows work to be conducted harness-free both at and below ground level
  • Is easily installed and removed while workers are in confined spaces
  • Stops large objects falling into confined spaces
  • Enables people to move freely while cables are in use due to its unique cut-out slot design
  • Is self-ventilating allowing for natural airflow and / or smoke testing

Product Information:

  • High quality, lightweight material
  • Special black non-slip powder coated finish giving clear vision through vented slots while carrying out works below
  • A UV resistant nylon roller to accommodate jet rod hoses and camera cables
  • Self-ventilating allowing for natural air flow and/or smoke testing
  • 316 stainless hinges and hardware
  • Engineered and manufactured to Australian Standards
  • Load rated to SWL 150kg

Available in Standard Circular or Folding Circular Grates

Size:  550mm - 650mm

Standard Circular Safety Grate Weight: 10.6kg

Folding Circular Safety Grate Weight: 12.4kg

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