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Your Curving King!

The MiniFlex sewer camera is equipped with a unique patented flexible element between the camera head and the pushrod. This, combined with the innovative bullet-shaped camera head, provides an easy transit through drains and pipes. Extensive real-life tests have proven that even right-angle bends in diameters from 32mm are taken smoothly.


  • 20m Flexible mini pipeline camera-system
  • Unique conical connecting piece for many right-angle bends
  • Bullet-shaped camera head
  • For pipes from 32mm to at least 80mm
  • Special wide-angle lens (100°)
  • Interchangeable push rod with connecting piece
  • 512 Hz Sonde transmitter   
  • Meter counter
  • Date and time
  • Text writer   
  • Battery, 7-hours
  • Digital recorder      
  • Perfect for plumbers doing domestic or commercial work



More Info

The sophisticated sewer camera head design keeps the lighting (LED) ring above the bottom of the pipe, which minimizes reflection, and this together with the carefully selected lens gives the MiniFlex camera a large 
“viewing angle” and a sharp image, even in 80mm pipe diameter. To make it a complete package, the MiniFlex is standard equipped with a 512Hz Sonde transmitter, metercounter and display with recording functions for video and photo on SD-card.

Cassette Form

The traditional reel with case has been converted into a single cassette, creating a highly compact unit.

Ergonomic Housing

The housing is made of high-quality plastic with protective rubber caps, making it sturdy and impact-proof. The sensitive components are watertight and protected in the middle of the construction. The cable drum is open so you can clean the cable easily. This guarantees user friendliness and makes the MiniFlex easy to store.


The monitor has an integrated video and photo recording option for SD cards and comes with a USB reader. It is extremely simple to operate. The MiniFlex comes as standard with a video-out facility, so you can always connect it to your own monitor or laptop, etc.



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