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Camlock Safety Bump Protectors

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Camlock Safety Bumps replace traditional cam & groove caps and plugs, providing a handle to enable safe handling of transport hoses. The ‘bump’ keeps the fittings from hitting the ground and protects the hose fittings and ears as they are dragged on the ground. Save your drivers’ hands and significantly extend the life of your transport hoses, hose tubes and hose trays. Safety Bumps are the answer.

· Protect your drivers hands

· Protect your expensive hose fittings

· Protect your hose tubes or trays

· Made from FDA certified composite

· Extends the life of $2K worth of hoses per truck

· Gives the driver complete control of his hoses

· Patent pending design


Available in 2”, 3” & 4”, Male & Female Couplings, Food Grade & Hazardous

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