Sectional Rodding Equipment

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  • Assembly Turning Handle 8mm Single Bar

    For easy assembly of rod. Pin locks in flex style coupling hole. Also used for light turning.  
  • Assembly Wrench

    Used for assembly and disassembly of the rod couplings and nuts. The end of the handle is designed to fit […]
  • Bar Turning Handle

    Goes through flex style coupling hole. Also used for light turning.  
  • Bullet Tool

    Used for fast rod travel and as a puncturing tool.  
  • Double Round Stock Corkscrews

    Commonly used to remove rags, cans, sticks & other obstructions. 75 to 125mm pipe size. Used to grab root balls or […]
  • Expandable Cutter (blades purchased separately)

    Recommended in pullback cutting operations. 100 to 450mm pipe size. 3 Blade Cutter Chucks. They accomodate our “Double Sided” flat or […]
  • Flex Style Sewer Rod

    Premium grade spring steel rods with flex style couplings. 1m, 1.5m & 3m x 8mm (5/16) available.   This is […]
  • Guide Tube Extensions

    Extends rod guide tube to top of manhole.  
  • Heavy Duty Flat Root Saw Blades

    The Heavy Duty Flat Root Saw Blades is the most superior blade on the market. It is unmatched in overall […]
  • Heavy Duty Rootsaw 100mm

    For cutting roots. Teeth both sides. Must be rotated by power equipment, 75 to 300mm pipe size.  For other sizes, […]
  • Lateral or Junction Locator

    Quickly locates lost junctions or missing manholes.  
  • No. 5 Plumbers Set (reel not included)

    Best suited for pipes up to 150mm dia. Weighing only 15kg with 25m of rods and 8 tools the No.5 […]
  • Pick Up Tool

    Used to retrieve a string of sectional rods lost in a line.
  • Pull Out Tool

    For pushing rods into line. Reverse to pull out.  
  • Pull Out Turning Handle 8mm

    Allows operator to push, turn or pull. Coupling is locked with a pin.  
  • Ratchet Turning Handle (1 Man)

    Recommend for 1 man crew. Comes with spike for soft ground or foot stirrup. Specify when ordering. This is a low stocked […]
  • Ratchet Turning Handle (2 Man)

    Recommended for 2 man crew, 1 man pushes, 1 man turns.  
  • Red Hot Heavy Duty Bearing Root Cutter Motor

    Round body Super “Red Hot” Heavy Duty bearing motor. Comes with specially machined bearing that are oversized to allow the motor […]
  • Rod Guide Tube (CURVED)

    Placed in the bottom of manholes to guide rods into pipes. Assists in the pushing of rods. This is a low stocked […]
  • Rod Puller Hitch 8mm

    For quick removal of rods from line.  
  • Rod Reel and Stand (bought separately)

    For storage and easy removal of rods.  
  • Rose Rod Turning Machine

    The Rose Rod Turning Machine is powered by a 5.5 HP Honda petrol engine, which is equipped with an oil […]
  • Round Rod Puller 8MM

    Lever action grips on to round rod. This is a low stocked item.  If not in stock, please contact […]
  • Round Stock Corkscrews

    Used to create an opening in blocked lines. 40 to 100mm pipe size. Great for use in lines with little or no […]
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