ENZ Golden Jet

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  • ENZ HRV Nozzles

    The HRV nozzles have 4 semi radial rotating nozzles facing forward firing at an angle of 45º and a front […]
  • enz® Nozzle Extension Bar – Rated to 350bar

    The Nozzle Extension Bar is used as a safetyliner to prevent nozzle turnback in pipe.
  • enz® Impact Milling Cutter DN200mm to 350mm for Recycled Water

    These tools are a radical innovation for milling-off deposits in pipes. The enz® im-pact milling cutters are designed to remove […]
  • enz KBR Nozzles

    This rotating nozzle is fitted with 2 spinning jets set at 90º and 2 semi radial rotating jets set at […]
  • enz KBRV Nozzles

    The KBRV nozzle has 2 semi radial jets directed forward at an angle of 45º and 2 nozzles set at […]
  • enz® Propeller Nozzles

    Designed to penetrate the toughest blockages the enz® pointed nozzle directs 30% of your jetters flow forward 15º through its hardened […]
  • enz® Gliding Nozzles

    The enz® gliding nozzles are designed to give a small volume jet the ability to clean pipe walls up to 400mm […]
  • enz Impact Milling Cutter DN100mm to 600mm

    The Impact Drilling Cutter is capable or removing the most stubborn deposits like concrete, injection cement and calcarious layers etc. […]
  • enz® Cutters

    enz® Cutters without impact, 30mm-80mm These cutters are equipped with tungsten carbide tipped teeth and are able to remove various […]
  • ENZ 1/4″ Rotopuls Nozzle

  • 5 Piece 1/4″ Nozzle Kit (Swiss Made)

    Includes: Bent Rotodrill Nozzle- only 72mm long easily negotiates traps & bends. Features a rotating jet for improved cutting performance. […]
  • enz® Bent RotoDrill

    Only 72mm long easily negotiates traps and bends. The Bent RotoDrill nozzle features a rotating jet for improved cutting performance. […]
  • enz® Standard Nozzles

    Made of wear-resistant, hardened steel, with a sturdy wall thickness for a long service life and a minimum of wear […]
  • enz® Pointed Nozzles

    Designed to penetrate the toughest blockages the enz® pointed nozzle directs 30% of your jetters flow forward 15º through its […]
  • enz® Grenade Bomb Nozzles

    Made of wear resistant hardened steel, the enz® Grenade bomb has been designed with jets set at both 10º & […]
  • enz® Flounder

    This tool is especially suited to cleaning flat pipes and channels. The even construction with its rounded corners and edges […]
  • enz Scraper Nozzles

    A heavy nozzle for cleaning the bottom of pipes or channels between 200mm to 3m in diameter. Good for the […]
  • enz® Wire Rope & Chain Scraper (Chain Flail)

    The enz® Chain Flail head has many uses and is simple to maintain and handle. Several different pipe diameters can […]
  • ENZ Bulldog Nozzles

    This controlled rotation nozzle has been built with a clever oil free braking system and can be used with either […]
  • enz® Bulldog (low flow)

    EASY TO HANDLE AND PRACTICALLY MAINTENANCE-FREE. The Bulldog Nozzle has been designed for operation with recycling water and freshwater. This […]
  • enz® Propeller Nozzle P360 600-2500mm

    For the first time, you can now cover diameters ranging between 600 and 3,000 mm (24 to 120 inches) with […]
  • enz Rotopuls Nozzles

    The Rotopuls nozzles were conceived to remove medium to hard deposits in pipes of plastic, steel or concrete. Important: Rotopuls […]
  • enz® Rotodrill Nozzles

    Fixed Nozzle with a rotating front jet Top cutting performance 3 to 4 times better cleaning performance than conventional front […]
  • enz® RGS Nozzles

    This rotating nozzle has 4 jets set at 80° for cleaning the pipe wall, and 3 rear mounted thrust jets […]
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