Mechanical Drain Cleaning

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  • Assembly Turning Handle 8mm Single Bar

    For easy assembly of rod. Pin locks in flex style coupling hole. Also used for light turning.  
  • Assembly Wrench

    Used for assembly and disassembly of the rod couplings and nuts. The end of the handle is designed to fit […]
  • Bar Turning Handle

    Goes through flex style coupling hole. Also used for light turning.  
  • Bullet Tool

    Used for fast rod travel and as a puncturing tool.  
  • Cable Container

    Provides convenient handling and storage of up to 17m of cable  
  • Cable Drive With Shaft & Bush

    Replacement Cable Drive With Shaft & Bush for Electric Eel Model C  
  • Coiled Spring Rods

    900 X 20mm sectional flexible spring sewer rods that join together to form a rod set to clear drains up […]
  • Double Round Stock Corkscrews

    Commonly used to remove rags, cans, sticks & other obstructions. 75 to 125mm pipe size. Used to grab root balls or […]
  • Drophead Adaptor

    Replacement Drophead Adaptor for Electric Eel Model C
  • Electric Eel 32mm Cable for Model C & 325

    Electric Eel 32mm Dual Cable for Model C & Model 325 Machines The patented, self feeding dual cable requires no […]
  • Electric Eel Kit Model R with 85 Cable

    The Model R Drain Cleaning Machine is a compact machine with open cage design for easy inspection and cleaning. Cleans 75mm to […]
  • Electric Eel Model 325

    The Model 325 Gasoline powered sewer cleaner is designed to clean 100mm to 355mm diameter lines for distances up to […]
  • Electric Eel Model C

    The Model C Sectional Drain Cleaner is the best unit available for tougher blockages such as tree roots and for […]
  • Electric Eel Model CT

    The Electric Eel Model CT features unique variable speed motor control that gives the operator maximum cable control and exceptional […]
  • Electric Eel Model E

    Designed specifically for the rental industry, the Model E has several unique features such as a steel inner-drum, epoxy coated […]
  • Electric Eel Model K

    32mm to 75mm lines Economical Model K comes standard with 15m of 12.5mm cable and 3 cleaning tools. Weighs only […]
  • Expandable Cutter (blades purchased separately)

    Recommended in pullback cutting operations. 100 to 450mm pipe size. 3 Blade Cutter Chucks. They accomodate our “Double Sided” flat or […]
  • Feeding Tool

    Helps operator start cable through traps or severe bends.  
  • Female Drive Coupling

    Replacement Female Drive Coupling for Electric Eel Model C
  • Finishing Tools

    All tools & accessories listed below are compatible with Electric Eel Models C, D-5, R, RF, 325, 800 and work […]
  • Flex Style Sewer Rod

    Premium grade spring steel rods with flex style couplings. 1m, 1.5m & 3m x 8mm (5/16) available.   Button
  • Front Swivel Wheel (5″)

    Replacement Front Swivel Wheel for Electric Eel Model C  
  • Grease Tools

    All tools & accessories listed below are compatible with Electric Eel Models C, D-5, R, RF, 325, 800 and work […]
  • Guide Ball For SC10A Fitting

    Replacement Guide Ball For SC10A Fitting for Electric Eel Model C  
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