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  • PUMA Pole Carriers

    The Pole Carriers for your truck allow you to transport your pole set safely and securely. One side has a [K]
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Scoopa Screens

    Keeps debris flow from spilling over back of tool. Good for catching roots. zinc plated. A great adaptation to our [K]
  • Remo® Remote Placement Plugs

    The Remo® Remote Placement plug provides two advantages—it eliminates the need to enter confined spaces and speeds up the pipe [K]
  • Ridgid Style Heavy Duty Root Saw

    Ridgid Style heavy duty root saw for removal of roots and heavy blockages in pipes up to 100mm  
  • Rioned MultiJet

    The Rioned MultiJet is a high pressure jetting trailer designed and built with our latest jetting technology and is suitable [K]
  • Rioned MultiJet 72 @ 200 BAR NOW ONLY $75,000 (plus GST)

    2 available – Rioned MultiJet 72 @ 200 BAR NOW ONLY $75,000 (plus GST) The Rioned MultiJet is a high [K]
  • Round Stock Corkscrews

    Used to create an opening in blocked lines. 40 to 100mm pipe size. Great for use in lines with little or no [K]
  • Starting Initial Opening Tools

    All tools & accessories listed below are compatible with Electric Eel Models C, D-5, R, RF, 325, 800 and work [K]
  • Switch Hand Complete

    Replacement Switch Hand Complete for Electric Eel Model C   This is a low stocked item.  If not in stock, please contact [email protected] [K]
  • Universal Roller Skid

    Now your push camera can easily negotiate 150mm to 300mm pipelines and stay centered at all times! Accepts most standard [K]
  • USJ50251500 (FILTER – FUEL (SPIN ON)

    Suits all 3cyl models.  
  • Adjustable Top Safety Roller Steel Construction with Lateral Wings

    All steel construction with lateral wings for safety and to hold poles connected to bottom roller.   Please contact us [K]
  • Cherne Muni-Ball® Plugs

    The Muni-Ball® Plug was introduced over 50 years ago and the Cherne brand continues to be the most trusted name in [K]
  • Dancutter Diamond Tools

    Special purpose, milling and cutting heads for all materials, PVC, cement, concrete, cast iron and steel. For any enquiries, please [K]
  • Double Round Stock Corkscrews

    Commonly used to remove rags, cans, sticks & other obstructions. 75 to 125mm pipe size. Used to grab root balls or [K]
  • Electric Eel Kit Model R with 85 Cable

    The Model R Drain Cleaning Machine is a compact machine with open cage design for easy inspection and cleaning. Cleans 75mm to [K]
  • enz KBR Nozzles

    This rotating nozzle is fitted with 2 spinning jets set at 90º and 2 semi radial rotating jets set at [K]
  • Heavy-Duty Root Saw Tools

    All tools & accessories listed below are compatible with Electric Eel Models C, D-5, R, RF, 325, 800 and work [K]

    Quickly clear clogged drains. Just pump it up, insert in drain – and snap the trigger. It’s that easy.
  • MRT Manhole Rehab

    The MRT Blasting Unit is a fully automated and controllable water/granule blasting unit for preparation of manhole surfaces. The MRT [K]
  • Piranha 3/8″ 60M Sewer Hose (5000 psi)

    Piranha Series Slither™ Cover Jetting/Lateral Line Hoses are designed with an ultra slippery cover which allows the hose to manoeuvre [K]
  • PUMA Curved 6″ Grease Log Chopper for Fibreglass Poles

    6″ Grease log chopper now with curved side to better push material. These choppers are very sharp and can chop [K]
  • PVC Drain Rods

    Minimum of 3 rods apply per order 22mm PVC rods with universal brass screw connections for drain cleaning in 100 [K]
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