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  • Manhole Grate with Roller

    Galvinised grates.  Offers protection over open manholes while still allowing jetting, rodding or CCTV inspection to be carried out.   ...
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    Safety Barrier – FLEXXY

    With the FLEXXY barrier, you can effortlessly close access to dangerous and restricted areas. FLEXXY is made with hard plastic, ...
  • Jetting Safety Plate

    Prevents hose from coming back up the drain. Has 5 holes to enable you to hear what’s going on in ...
  • High Pressure Safety Gloves

    The TST Safety Gloves are the latest in high pressure water protection. They protect the hands from dangerous water strikes ...
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    Drain Snake Cleaning Gloves

    • The ultimate rooter glove • Hard PVC embedded palms • Easy to see, bright yellow • Durable PVC coated ...
  • Whip Hose

    WHIP HOSE 3/16″ x 20M with 1/8″ Button Nozzle