Water Jetting

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  • enz® Bulldog (low flow)

    EASY TO HANDLE AND PRACTICALLY MAINTENANCE-FREE. The Bulldog Nozzle has been designed for operation with recycling water and freshwater. This […]
  • G2 ProJet Mini Reel (NO HOSE)

    Portable G2 PROJET Mini Reel c/w valve, gauge & Swivel, 3/8″ BSP fittings. Quick connect fittings available.  Contact us for […]
  • enz® Propeller Nozzle P360 600-2500mm

    For the first time, you can now cover diameters ranging between 600 and 3,000 mm (24 to 120 inches) with […]
  • enz Rotopuls Nozzles

    The Rotopuls nozzles were conceived to remove medium to hard deposits in pipes of plastic, steel or concrete. Important: Rotopuls […]
  • Tiger Tails

    Protects your jetting hose when entering manholes/pits. Available in 2″ and 3″ sizes.  
  • enz® Rotodrill Nozzles

    Fixed Nozzle with a rotating front jet Top cutting performance 3 to 4 times better cleaning performance than conventional front […]
  • Wash Down Gun

    Double barrel high pressure gun. Maximum 45 L.P.M and 280 bar maximum pressure.   Please contact us for price & […]
  • enz® RGS Nozzles

    This rotating nozzle has 4 jets set at 80° for cleaning the pipe wall, and 3 rear mounted thrust jets […]
  • Top Manhole Roller

    Protects hose when entering the top of manholes or chambers. Adjustable to different sizes.  
  • enz® HRH Nozzles

    This rotating nozzle is fitted with 4 retracting cutting jets set at an angle of 45° to provide both thrust […]
  • Upper Manhole Roller Guide

    The Upper Manhole “Y” Roller from Southland Tool allows you to insert your 8″ suction tube into the manhole along […]
  • Bottom Manhole Rollers

    Protects jetter hose or CCTV cable where they enter pipe in manhole. Comes with 1/2” BSP attachment for handle and […]
  • High Pressure Hose Reel Swivels

    High Pressure Swivels to suit Hose Reels 3/8″ Hose Reel Swivel Male – Female 1/2″ Swivel Female – Female 1/2″ […]
  • Sewer Inspection Mirror

    All of these will connect to our full line of fiberglass or aluminum poles with the quick connect fittings. The […]
  • Articulating Roller Guide

    This Articulating 9 Roller Hose Guide pivots in the middle to allow you to use it on exposed corrugated pipe […]
  • G2 ProJet Mini Reel

    Portable PROJET Mini Reel c/w valve, gauge & Swivel.   Request a Quote
  • 15cms (6″) Aluminium Debris Traps (baskets), Light and Non-Corrosive Aluminium

    15cms (6″) Aluminium Debris Traps (baskets), Light and Non-Corrosive Aluminium   To be used with fibreglass poles. Larger sizes available: […]
  • Stake Roller

    This is used to protect the sewer hose when working around obstructions such as buildings, trees, plants etc. You drive […]
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