Pipeline Plug Accessories

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  • Smoke Generating Devices

    Cherne Smoke Generating Devices (SGD), or “smoke bombs”, produce a thick, dense smoke that is highly effective for performing smoke [K]
  • Smoke Fogger Fluid

    Smoke/Fogger fluid that produce thick, dense smoke to effectively perform smoke tests. Two types of smoke/fogger fluid Available 20L Petroleum [K]
  • Cherne Plug Inflation Hoses

    Inflation extension hoses to suit Cherne Plugs Suit plugs up to 381mm Schrader valve connection Available in sizes from 2M [K]
  • Cherne Test Pumps

    Air-Max™ Test Pump Gauge raised from base for protection Durable Steel Barrel Textured steel base prevents pump from slipping Durable, [K]
  • Cherne Poly-Lift Lines with Gauge

    Poly-Lift Line with Gauge: Dampened gauge: helps prevent “peg-out” damage Heavy-duty rubber gauge cover protects gauge face 3/8″ ID hose [K]
  • Clog Buster® Drain Flusher

    Unclogs drain pipes in seconds Simply remove aerator from spigot of faucet and attach faucet adapter Attaches to standard ¾” [K]
  • Articulating Roller Guide

    This Articulating 9 Roller Hose Guide pivots in the middle to allow you to use it on exposed corrugated pipe [K]