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  • Rod Puller Hitch 8mm

    For quick removal of rods from line.  
  • Rod Reel and Stand (bought separately)

    For storage and easy removal of rods.  
  • RootX® | 980g and 1.8kg Jars in Australia

    RootX® is a simple, cost-effective and proven way to kill pipeline roots blocking sewer lines and septic systems.
  • Rose Rod Turning Machine

    The Rose Rod Turning Machine is powered by a 5.5 HP Honda petrol engine, which is equipped with an oil […]
  • Round Rod Puller 8MM

    Lever action grips on to round rod. This is a low stocked item.  If not in stock, please contact [email protected] […]
  • Round Stock Corkscrews

    Used to create an opening in blocked lines. 40 to 100mm pipe size. Great for use in lines with little or no […]

    The SnapTRACK® cable & pipe locator offers utility locators FrequencyFlex™ allowing users to adapt the system to their specific needs. […]
  • Safety Barrier – FLEXXY

    With the FLEXXY barrier, you can effortlessly close access to dangerous and restricted areas. FLEXXY is made with hard plastic, […]
  • Sand Leader

    The sand leader is designed to ride above the sand at the bottom of the manhole. It’s curved wings allow […]
  • SECA Customised Van Build

    Each van fit-out is designed to suit your individual needs. Variables such as van size, system configuration, load capacities, storage […]
  • SECA RootX T-Shirt

    The Root Intrusion Solution” RootX SECA T-Shirt is super soft made from 100% cotton.   Comes in sizes M, L, […]
  • Sewer Inspection Mirror

    All of these will connect to our full line of fiberglass or aluminum poles with the quick connect fittings. The […]
  • Shaft For SC10A Fitting

    Replacement Shaft For  SC10A Fitting for Electric Eel Model C  
  • Smoke Fogger Fluid

    Smoke/Fogger fluid that produce thick, dense smoke to effectively perform smoke tests. Two types of smoke/fogger fluid Available 20L Petroleum […]
  • Smoke Generating Devices

    Cherne Smoke Generating Devices (SGD), or “smoke bombs”, produce a thick, dense smoke that is highly effective for performing smoke […]
  • Spanner Wrench

    Disconnects cables and tools
  • Spear Head

    Used to puncture holes and break up hard deposits, 50 and 100mm blade size.  
  • Square Bar Corkscrews

    General purpose tool for roots and hard deposits. Has cutting edge on back so it will cut when pulled in 75 to 300mm […]
  • Stake Roller

    This is used to protect the sewer hose when working around obstructions such as buildings, trees, plants etc. You drive […]
  • Starting Initial Opening Tools

    All tools & accessories listed below are compatible with Electric Eel Models C, D-5, R, RF, 325, 800 and work […]
  • Switch – Rubber Cover For Hand

    Replacement Switch – Rubber Cover For Hand for Electric Eel Model C  
  • Switch Forward & Reverse

    Replacement Switch Forward & Reverse for Electric Eel Model C  
  • Switch Hand 5m Cable & Boot

    Replacement Switch Hand 5m Cable & Boot for Electric Eel Model C   This is a low stocked item.  If not […]
  • Switch Hand Complete

    Replacement Switch Hand Complete for Electric Eel Model C   This is a low stocked item.  If not in stock, please contact [email protected] […]
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