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  • Trelleborg Drain Liner End Seal

    Prevents infiltration between Liner and Host Pipe. The Drain Liner End Seal utilizes the patented Slotted Band® to provide maximum […]
  • USJ-470 Belt

    High Torque Drive Belt for US Jet 4025/4L41C Diesel.  
  • Assembly Turning Handle 8mm Single Bar

    For easy assembly of rod. Pin locks in flex style coupling hole. Also used for light turning.  
  • Cherne Plug Inflation Hoses

    Inflation extension hoses to suit Cherne Plugs Suit plugs up to 381mm Schrader valve connection Available in sizes from 600mm […]
  • enz® Flounder

    This tool is especially suited to cleaning flat pipes and channels. The even construction with its rounded corners and edges […]
  • Manhole Chisel Safety Handle

    Protect your hands when trying to open manholes/access chambers Light weight but strong nylon handle securely holds lifting chisels keeping […]
  • PUMA Fiberglass Poles with Standard Weight Orange Quick Connect

    We offer a full range of Fiberglass Pole sets. Hollow and foam filled. All come with a spring-loaded Male and […]
  • PUMA Hose Guide Roller Grabber

    New to our line of jetting tools, this strong steel construction downhose roller can grab your hose with a simple […]
  • Trelleborg Drain Internal Joint Seal

    Designed to restore joint integrity. Pipe and manhole joints generally experience higher ground water pressure than the grade adjustment area […]
  • Bar Turning Handle

    Goes through flex style coupling hole. Also used for light turning.  
  • Cherne Test Pumps

    Air-Max™ Test Pump Gauge raised from base for protection Durable Steel Barrel Textured steel base prevents pump from slipping Durable, […]
  • Chisel Popper

    The Chisel Popper’s chisel style end is used for prying and popping where extra leverage is needed.
  • enz Scraper Nozzles

    A heavy nozzle for cleaning the bottom of pipes or channels between 200mm to 3m in diameter. Good for the […]
  • Threaded End Fiberglass Pole Standard Weight

    Fiberglass Poles with Quick-Connect Ends: just one type from our full range of Fiberglass Pole sets. Hollow, Foam-Filled and Steel […]
  • Trelleborg Drain Flexrib Manhole Seal

    Eliminates Inflow and Infiltration. The grade adjustment area of the manhole is the first to suffer deterioration caused by freeze/thaw […]
  • Cherne Poly-Lift Lines with Gauge

    Poly-Lift Line with Gauge: Dampened gauge: helps prevent “peg-out” damage Heavy-duty rubber gauge cover protects gauge face 3/8″ ID hose […]
  • Compact Lower Manhole Roller (Steel) with Polyurethane Rollers

    Safety orange with top adapter for fiberglass pole.  
  • Dancutter Maxi Flex

    Extremely flexible and user-friendly cutter that can work in small pipes.  KEY FEATURES DC MAXI FLEX 100-300mm pipe diameters 70m […]
  • enz® Wire Rope & Chain Scraper (Chain Flail)

    The enz® Chain Flail head has many uses and is simple to maintain and handle. Several different pipe diameters can […]
  • PUMA Bitz Rake 300mm

    300mm long Bitz Rake is great for getting material out of invert and can be inserted into pipe for catching […]
  • Out of Stock

    Ratchet Turning Handle (1 Man)

    Recommend for 1 man crew. Comes with spike for soft ground or foot stirrup. Specify when ordering. This is a low stocked […]
  • Threaded End Foam Filled Poles for Extra Strength

    Fiberglass Poles with Quick-Connect Ends: just one type from our full range of Fiberglass Pole sets. Hollow, Foam-Filled and Steel […]
  • Clog Buster® Drain Flusher

    Unclogs drain pipes in seconds Simply remove aerator from spigot of faucet and attach faucet adapter Attaches to standard ¾” […]
  • ENZ Bulldog Nozzles

    This controlled rotation nozzle has been built with a clever oil free braking system and can be used with either […]
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