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  • Clog Buster® Drain Flusher

    Unclogs drain pipes in seconds Simply remove aerator from spigot of faucet and attach faucet adapter Attaches to standard ¾” […]
  • ENZ Bulldog Nozzles

    This controlled rotation nozzle has been built with a clever oil free braking system and can be used with either […]
  • PUMA Sewer Spoon

    Heat-treated alloy steel and 225mm in diameter with just the correct angle to fill it and lift it. Quick connects […]
  • Out of Stock

    Ratchet Turning Handle (2 Man)

    Recommended for 2 man crew, 1 man pushes, 1 man turns.  
  • Out of Stock

    Threaded End Steel Reinforced Fibreglass Poles

    Strongest pole available out there. Our complete lines of fibreglass poles are available with threaded-end connections made of steel for […]
  • Cherne Big Mouth Flow Through Plugs

    Big-Mouth® plugs serve multiple applications. Great for gravity bypassing or bypass pumping.   The Original Big-Mouth® Plug: Large male NPT threaded bypass Equipped […]
  • enz® Bulldog (low flow)

    EASY TO HANDLE AND PRACTICALLY MAINTENANCE-FREE. The Bulldog Nozzle has been designed for operation with recycling water and freshwater. This […]
  • G2 ProJet Mini Reel (NO HOSE)

    Portable G2 PROJET Mini Reel c/w valve, gauge & Swivel, 3/8″ BSP fittings. Quick connect fittings available.  Contact us for […]
  • Guide Tube Extensions

    Extends rod guide tube to top of manhole.  
  • Mighty Probe Insulated Probing Bar

    A heavy-duty solid probe with the addition of a current isolator to increase operator protection against electrical shock. Designed for […]
  • PUMA Scoopa

    This is a strong, durable scoop that can lift anything you can fit into it. Available in 100mm, 150mm & […]
  • Cherne “Pillow Style” Test-Ball® & Muni-Ball ® Plugs

    Cherne’s Pillow-Style Test-Ball® and Muni-Ball® plugs are great for blocking sewer flow and can also be used for sewer air testing. Made […]
  • enz® Propeller Nozzle P360 600-2500mm

    For the first time, you can now cover diameters ranging between 600 and 3,000 mm (24 to 120 inches) with […]
  • PUMA 3 Pronged Grabber

    Pronged Grabbers attach to the fibreglass pole sets and are useful for grabbing cans, rocks, rags, bricks, etc. Made of […]
  • Rod Guide Tube (CURVED)

    Placed in the bottom of manholes to guide rods into pipes. Assists in the pushing of rods. This is a low stocked […]

    Cherne’s Pillow-Style Test-Ball® and Muni-Ball® plugs are great for blocking sewer flow and can also be used for sewer air testing. Made […]
  • Cherne Multi-Size High Pressure Plugs

    Exclusively from Cherne, Multi-Size High Pressure Plugs. Features: Multi range use (6 plugs will cover pipe sizes from 4″ to […]
  • enz Rotopuls Nozzles

    The Rotopuls nozzles were conceived to remove medium to hard deposits in pipes of plastic, steel or concrete. Important: Rotopuls […]
  • Round Rod Puller 8MM

    Lever action grips on to round rod. This is a low stocked item.  If not in stock, please contact [email protected] […]
  • Tee Handled Manhole Lifter

    Tee Handled Centre lift manhole key. Available in 400mm, 600mm and 700mm sizes.
  • Tiger Tails

    Protects your jetting hose when entering manholes/pits. Available in 2″ and 3″ sizes.  
  • Cherne Protective Sleeves

    Protective Sleeves Greatly reduces possibility of damage to plug due to debris and sharp objects in the pipe. The protective […]
  • enz® Rotodrill Nozzles

    Fixed Nozzle with a rotating front jet Top cutting performance 3 to 4 times better cleaning performance than conventional front […]
  • Lateral or Junction Locator

    Quickly locates lost junctions or missing manholes.  
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