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  • Tiger Tails

    Reduce the wear and tear on your hose by protecting it with tiger tail protectors.  Tiger tails are the perfect ...
  • Cherne Protective Sleeves

    Protective Sleeves Greatly reduces possibility of damage to plug due to debris and sharp objects in the pipe. The protective ...
  • enz® Bent Roto Drill

    Only 72mm long easily negotiates traps and bends. The Bent RotoDrill nozzle features a rotating jet for improved cutting performance. This nozzle is ...
  • enz® Rotodrill Nozzles

    Fixed Nozzle with a rotating front jet Top cutting performance 3 to 4 times better cleaning performance than conventional front ...
  • Lateral or Junction Locator

    Quickly locates lost junctions or missing manholes.  
  • Manhole Bursting Chisels

    These chisels help lift tightly sealed manhole lids. Available in Small and Large.

    Protective Sleeves Greatly reduces possibility of damage to plug due to debris and sharp objects in the pipe. The protective ...
  • Wash Down Gun

    Double barrel high pressure gun. Maximum 45 L.P.M and 280 bar maximum pressure.   Please contact us for price & ...
  • enz® RGS Nozzles

    This rotating nozzle has 4 jets set at 80° for cleaning the pipe wall, and 3 rear mounted thrust jets ...
  • Handy Hook™ Manhole Cover Lifter

    The Handy Hook™ is designed for those hard to reach lifting jobs such as: Lifting riser covers, opening steel grates, ...

    Cherne® Monitor Well™ Locking Plugs feature a high-quality, petro-chemical resistant design to seal monitor wells. Padlock not included.  
  • MUNI BALL i SERIES 200-400mm 2″ M BYPASS

    Cherne I-Series plugs include a host of improvements designed to make our plugs easier and safer to operate. Continued innovation ...
  • Rod Puller Hitch 8mm

    For quick removal of rods from line.  
  • Out of Stock

    Top Manhole Roller

    Protects hose when entering the top of manholes or chambers. Adjustable to different sizes.  
  • enz® HRH Nozzles

    This rotating nozzle is fitted with 4 retracting cutting jets set at an angle of 45° to provide both thrust ...
  • Pry Bar

    Stop using screwdrivers for prying, use a tool designed for the job. Different ends increase functionality A long narrow curved ...
  • Out of Stock

    Rod Reel and Stand (bought separately)

    For storage and easy removal of rods. Both items are made to order. Please allow 3 week lead time after date ...
  • Upper Manhole Roller Guide

    The Upper Manhole “Y” Roller from Southland Tool allows you to insert your 8″ suction tube into the manhole along ...
  • Out of Stock

    Bottom Manhole Rollers

    Protects jetter hose or CCTV cable where they enter pipe in manhole. Comes with 1/2” BSP attachment for handle and ...
  • Heavy Duty Plunger

    1800 mm long and made from galvanised steel. Made for 100 mm to 150 mm pipes. Comes with combination of ...
  • Out of Stock

    No. 5 Plumbers Set (reel not included)

    Best suited for pipes up to 150mm dia. Weighing only 15kg with 25m of rods and 8 tools the No.5 ...
  • Heavy Duty Flat Root Saw Blades

    The Heavy Duty Flat Root Saw Blades is the most superior blade on the market. It is unmatched in overall ...
  • High Pressure Hose Reel Swivels

    High Pressure Swivels to suit Hose Reels 3/8″ Hose Reel Swivel Male – Female 1/2″ Swivel Female – Female 1/2″ ...
  • Rose Rod Turning Machine

    The Rose Rod Turning Machine is powered by a 5.5 HP Honda petrol engine, which is equipped with an oil ...
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