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  • Handy-Clams One Piece or Knockdown Models

    The Handy-Clam is one of the most popular tools on the market for sewer cleaning. It allows you to clean [K]
  • High Pressure Safety Gloves

    The TST Safety Gloves are the latest in high pressure water protection. They protect the hands from dangerous water strikes [K]
  • Piranha 1″ Sewer Hose

    Piranha Series Slither™ Cover Jetting/Lateral Line Hoses are designed with an ultra slippery cover which allows the hose to manoeuvre [K]
  • PUMA 4 Pronged Debris Grabber

    Pulls out roots, rocks, cans and other debris from manhole. Zinc Plated. 8″ Wide.  Connects to fibreglass poles.  
  • Ridgid Style Straight Drill

    For most jobs, for stirring and breaking through chokings caused bu rags, papers or kitchen waste.  
  • RootX® | 980g and 1.8kg Jars in Australia

    RootX® is a simple, cost-effective and proven way to kill pipeline roots blocking sewer lines and septic systems.
  • Trelleborg DrainLining

    Full-Length Sewer Rehabilitation of Main- and House Sewer DN 30 – DN 1000 by Inversion method The DrainLiner method is best [K]
  • USJ-064-600 Water Filter Assembly

    Inlet Water Filter for US Jet 4014, 4018, 4025 and 2036.  
  • Cherne Air-Loc® Leak Location Kit

    Air-Loc® Leak Location Kit. If the line acceptance test indicates a leak in the sewer line, it becomes necessary to [K]
  • Cherne Gripper® Plugs

    The Gripper® has become the most popular mechanical plug on the market. And our Gripper plug, like all Cherne mechanical [K]
  • Dancutter Cutter Heads & Discs

    A wide range of cutter heads and discs for Dancutter systems.   If unsure of size or requirements, please contact [K]
  • Drain Snake Cleaning Gloves

    • The ultimate rooter glove • Hard PVC embedded palms • Easy to see, bright yellow • Durable PVC coated [K]
  • enz Impact Milling Cutter DN100mm to 600mm

    The Impact Drilling Cutter is capable or removing the most stubborn deposits like concrete, injection cement and calcarious layers etc. [K]
  • Feeding Tool

    Helps operator start cable through traps or severe bends.  
  • Flat Trap for Skimming Along Flat Areas

    The Flat Trap is designed for the flat areas of the manhole or catch basin. This tool attaches to fiberglass [K]
  • Hande Drain Cleaner

    25mm to 32mm lines Professional quality, manual unit holds up to 10m of 8mm “music wire” cable. Ideal for sinks, [K]
  • Manhole Gatic Keys (pair)

    Long and Short Handle Gatic lid lifters to suit water pits, electricity pits, communications pits.  Used for breaking the seal [K]
  • Piranha Hose – 1 1/4″ (2500 psi)

    New Piranha Series Slither™ Cover Jetting/Lateral Line Hoses are designed with an ultra slippery cover which allows the hose to [K]
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Catch Basin Spoon Assemblies with Fibreglass Poles

    Catch Basin Spoon Assemblies with Fibreglass Poles are heavy duty and don’t bend so they can stand up to the [K]
  • Ridgid Style H-Cutter

    Sizes: 65mm and 90mm  
  • Shaft For SC10A Fitting

    Replacement Shaft For  SC10A Fitting for Electric Eel Model C  
  • Spear Head

    Used to puncture holes and break up hard deposits, 50 and 100mm blade size.  
  • USJ-273-ASSY Water Selector Valve

    3 way high pressure water selection valve for US Jet 4014, 4018 and 4025.  
  • Cable Drive With Shaft & Bush

    Replacement Cable Drive With Shaft & Bush for Electric Eel Model C  
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