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Rioned CityJet

The CityJet is the latest compact skid mounted jetting unit and is especially developed to be built into small and medium size vans; e.g. MB Vito, VW Transporter, Renault Trafic and Toyota Hiace. Alternatively it could also be fitted to a small pantech. The 135° pivoting high pressure hose reel ensures an optimal and ergonomic ease of operation. The hose reel is supplied with a new hose guidance system and swings out at 135° direction. The control box always moves with the hose reel at perfect working height. The CityJet is suitable for unblocking and cleaning drains and sewers up to 450 mm.

The CityJet can carry more water without compromising on space, due to the new design of 2 separate Rioned Compact System® water tanks, making the handling of the vehicle much smoother. The noise level of the CityJet is half the level of similar machines on the market using a new stainless steel exhaust and water cooling system and application of insulation materials. The CityJet is developed to minimize pressure loss during operation. The construction method and use of different materials gives a stable and lighter machine. The design, noise level, ease of operation, high quality components and ample space when built into a van, are the special characteristics of the machine.

The CityJet is available in various pressure and flow capacities, with extra options; e.g. Riomote® radio remote control, Riopulse® pulsator system (remote controlled), 4 Rioned Compact System water tanks (1.200 ltr), quick filling and suction venturi systems and a high pressure hose reel controlled by radio remote control.

The CityJet is also available as green edition, with noise dampened package, start/stop system and Riopulse pulsator system.





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