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Rioned MiniJet

The MiniJet is a professional high pressure jetting machine, that can be taken everywhere without problems. It is suitable to clean drains from 25 – 100 mm.

  • Professional HP jetting machine

  • Powerful pump

  • Easy to transport

  • With separate detachable motor / pump unit

  • For drains from Ø 25 - 100 mm

  • Fit for NW5, NW6 and NW 8 hoses

  • Ergonomic

Easy to transport
The MiniJet is easy to carry: indoors and out, also on stairs or in an elevator.

It has a very powerful and reliable pump for an excellent cleaning capacity.
A professional machine, not a DIY power washer.

Detachable motor/pump unit
The motor/pump unit can easily be removed to be used independently (with a NW5 hose) from the hose reel. You can leave the hose reel in the car if the workspace is limited.

The MiniJet handle is adjustable in height.
The hoses can be rolled up neatly on the hose reel.
The MiniJet is provided with pneumatic tyres for easy movement.


  • The MiniJet standard equipment:
  • Electric motor
  • High pressure pump
  • Hose reel
  • NW5 and NW8 high pressure hose
  • Suction hose with filter
  • 2 ¼” nozzles (1 open and 1 blind)
  • 1 1/8” nozzle (blind)
  • High pressure handgun with 600 mm lance and adjustable spray nozzle
  • Chemical injector

More Info

Technical Specs

Usage Drains with Ø from 25 - 100 mm
Motor 1,85 kW electric motor, 230 V-50Hz
Pump Rioned/Speck high pressure plunger pump, Maximum 110 bar Maximum 10 lpm
HP-hoses 20 m NW8 with ¼” coupling 10 m NW5 with 1/8” coupling 1,5 m suction hose with filter
Weight motor/pump unit 30 kg
Weight hose reel 26 kg



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