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Rose Rod Turning Machine

The Rose Rod Turning Machine is powered by a 5.5 HP Honda petrol engine, which is equipped with an oil alert, and On/Off switch. Power is transmitted to the Snow-Nabstedt reduction/reversing transmission via Vee belts and from the transmission to the torque limited rod drive shaft via a chain drive. The torque on the rod shaft is limited to 3.5kgfm and the rod turning speed is limited to 120 rpm. Our MKII machine incorporates a number of safety features, which other machines of similar appearance do not have.

Safety Features:-

LOW ROD TURNING SPEED Top speed at maximum engine revs 120 rpm, as turning rods at high speeds is both dangerous and damaging to the rods.

TORQUE LIMITED ROD DRIVE Rod drive shaft is fitted with a torque limiter set at 3.5kgfm. Some machines depend on the hot shift transmission to limit the torque, however this varies with the transmission oil temperature and is difficult to set.

FOUR WHEEL MOUNTING Gives the machine stability while maintaining ease of use.

HANDLE MOUNTED CONTROLS Gives the operator better control without bending, therefore the operator is always well balanced.

The above features make the Rose Rod Turning Machine easier and safer to use for your operator. The Rose Rod turning machine is capable of cleaning pipes from 75mm to 450mm in diameter to a distance up to 150m.

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