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ProJet - Tradesman 26/40

The SECA Projet Tradesman 26/40 has been designed to provide the user with the most powerful drain cleaning punch in a compact and maneuverable trolley frame. Ideally suited to negotiate P.traps and multiple bends in pipe sizes 50mm to 225mm.

These powerful trolley mounted unit with four (4) pneumatic type wheels is powered by a 27HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin petrol engine with electric start coupled to a A.R Triplex reciprocating ceramic plunger pump which deliver  26 LPM @ 4000psi , and come with battery, fuel tank and break tank.

The optional additional hose reel with wheels and handle allows remote operation of the cleaning hose away from the power unit such as in backyards, unit buildings, shopping centres, roofs etc.

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  • 27 HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin petrol engine with donaldson air filter and electric start


  • A.R Triplex reciprocating ceramic plunger pump with variable pressure up to 280Bar (4000 PSI)@ 26 Litres per minute 


  • 22L Galvanised steel tank as standard, Air gap, anti-siphon protection, low water pump protection


  • Throttle, Tacho/Hour meter, Water Pressure Gauge, Water Control Valve


  • Powder coated steel high pressure hose reels available up to 120m capacity.
  • Galvanised low pressure reels with 40m capacity of 20mm ID tank filling hose also available


  • Power Deck - Trolley 26-40 - 27HP Briggs & Stratton petrol engine with electric start.  A.R Triplex reciprocating ceramic plunger pump operating at 4000 psi @ 26 LPM mounted on galvanised frame.
  • 30 litre Stainless Water Tank
  • 20 litre Plastic Fuel Tank
  • Wash down gun, tachometer/hour meter & low water cut out switch
  • Hose Reel with Valve & Gauge
  • Hose - 60m of 3/8" RED Piranha Hose - 5000 psi
  • ProJet Mini Hose Reel with Valve & Gauge
  • Hose - 40m of 1/4" RED Piranha Hose - 5000 psi
  • 3/8" Standard Penetrator Nozzle
  • 1/4" Standard Penetrator Nozzle - 3 Rear 1 Front
  • Reverse Turbo

DIMENSIONS (Power unit only)

  • Length: 1100 mm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Height: 800 mm


  • 90kg (Approx.) Not including reel or hose, power unit only

Accessories and Optional Equipment

  • Additional 100L Water Tank including fill valve, level switch & drain
  • Additional 200L Water Tank including  fill valve, level switch & drain
  • Fill Hose Reel with 30m of 3/4" White Hose
  • Hose Reel Stand - Fill Hose and Jet Hose
  • 20m x 3/16" Whip Hose with 1/8" Button Nozzle
  • 3/8" Grenade Bomb Nozzle
  • 3/8" Warthog Nozzle
  • 1/4" Warthog
  • Bent RotoDrill Nozzle
  • Tiger Tail Guide
  • High Pressure Protective Gloves
  • Custom truck fit-outs at our Sydney factory

Other Accessories Also Available 

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