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At Katam Drainage we strive to provide the best service and use the latest technology, including the best in point repair systems....Quicklock has provided us with a versatile, easy to install system with many applications. Whatever the pipeline problem, Quicklock has an answer. Going with a product that has water authority approval gives us and our customers peace of mind. Purchasing the Ipek Rovion RX130 Camera/Crawler with the VC500 Control Console has greatly improved our CCTV capabilities and provides our customers with the standard of CCTV inspection results, expected by WSAA. To provide our customers with a full suite of pipe inspection and repair services, we purchased a US Jetting trailer unit. The ease of use and versatility of the unit allows us to operate in narrow areas where other units don't fit. The equipment we have purchased from SECA allows us to be onsite with all of the equipment required, meaning a fast and cost effective result for our clients. SECA has provided us with training, support and advice regarding all aspects of their products. If you're looking for the latest in pipeline technology speak to SECA Australia.
Katam Drainage Pty Ltd
Tristam Clark
May 2020

Camera purchased – AGILIOS Pan & Tilt Push Camera Allpipe Technologies has used the Agillios on many projects including offshore projects in Argentina. Its portability, ease of use and seamless integration with Win Can is a must for anyone serious about delivering quality inspection reports. Some of the most exciting features about this camera includes the full pan and tilt camera head – allowing 360 degree viewing and its ability to navigate up junctions from the sewer main is impressive. The video quality output is excellent, and has Taylor made options to increase the quality of the reports and promote your business branding – e.g company logo etc. Shane and Steve are always helpful delivering first class knowledge and service.
ALLPIPE TECHNOLOGIES - Providing the Pipeline Solution in Western Australia
Morgan Caffrey
February 2020