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Warthog WT - 3/8" Nozzle

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Flow rates are:
- 5-7 gpm
- 7-9 gpm
- 9-12 gpm

The WT-3/8 is designed specifically to handle lines and clean-outs. This tool is most commonly used on small capacity pumps and cart jetters. From pipe sizes of 75mm.

Pipes made of cast iron and those that have sand or silt can act as abrasive agents that can aggressively wear out the tool. The carbide buttons are available in all offsets and add up to 5 times the life compared to previous models. It also features replaceable AP2 nozzles.


  • Controlled rotation — Slower dwell time allows jets to penetrate deeper through deposits

  • Multiple head options — Customize tool for unplugging, descaling or manhole cleaning

  • Highest quality jets — Hardened stainless steel orifices resist cracking and scratching

WT-3/8 Specifications

Tool Family Classic
Tool Model WT-3/8
Pipe Size 3-6 in. 75-150mm
Pressure Range 1500–5k psi 100–350 bar
Flow Range 5-12 gpm 20-45 l/min
Flow Rating 0.75 Cv
Pulling Force 5-20 lb 22-90 N
Inlet Connection 3/8 NPT or BSPP
Nozzle Ports 3 x 1/8 NPT
Diameter 1.9 in. 48 mm
Length 3.0 in. 76 mm
Weight 1.2 lb .54 kg


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