Electric Eel Machines

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  • Electric Eel Model C

    The Model C Sectional Drain Cleaner is the best unit available for tougher blockages such as tree roots and for ...
  • Electric Eel Model K

    32mm to 75mm lines Economical Model K comes standard with 15m of 12.5mm cable and 3 cleaning tools. Weighs only ...
  • Out of Stock

    Electric Eel Kit Model R with 85 Cable

    The Model R Drain Cleaning Machine is a compact machine with open cage design for easy inspection and cleaning. Cleans 75mm to ...
  • Electric Eel Model CT

    The Electric Eel Model CT features unique variable speed motor control that gives the operator maximum cable control and exceptional ...
  • Electric Eel Model E

    Designed specifically for the rental industry, the Model E has several unique features such as a steel inner-drum, epoxy coated ...
  • Electric Eel Model 325

    The Model 325 Gasoline powered sewer cleaner is designed to clean 100mm to 355mm diameter lines for distances up to ...
  • Hande Drain Cleaner

    25mm to 32mm lines Professional quality, manual unit holds up to 10m of 8mm “music wire” cable. Ideal for sinks, ...
  • Electric Eel 32mm Cable for Model C & 325

    Electric Eel 32mm Dual Cable for Model C & Model 325 Machines The patented, self feeding dual cable requires no ...
  • Out of Stock

    Hande Closet Auger

    The Hande Manual Closet Auger can be used to clear obstructions in any kind of toilet. Heavy duty zinc plated ...