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  • Out of Stock

    Aluminium Pole with Aluminium Quick Connect Ends

    Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from date of order.
  • Sewer Skimmer Rake 750mm (no handle)

    Constructed from strong lightweight aluminium, the Sewer Skimmer Rake is the optimum tool for removing floating scum, foam and other ...
  • Terra Firma Tool Box Key

    The Terra Firma Toolbox key is suitable for use with all Terra Firma Classic range pit lids. All Terra Firma ...
  • PUMA Pole Carriers

    The Pole Carriers for your truck allow you to transport your pole set safely and securely. One side has a ...
  • Out of Stock

    Telescopic Pole Grabbers

    This item is used to pick debris from the bottom of sewers, catch basin, wells and pits. The claw can ...
  • PUMA Steel Debris Grabber

    This Steel Debris Grabber is made of light weight steel so it is light and strong. Each size is telescopic ...
  • PUMA Grabber

    The Puma Grabber is a one of a kind tool on the market. It allows you to pick up debris ...
  • Handy-Clams One Piece or Knockdown Models

    The Handy-Clam is one of the most popular tools on the market for sewer cleaning. It allows you to clean ...
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Catch Basin Spoon Assemblies with Fibreglass Poles

    Catch Basin Spoon Assemblies with Fibreglass Poles are heavy duty and don’t bend so they can stand up to the ...
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Wood Handled Spoons

    Southland Tool’s Catch Basin Spoons for Sewer are made of strong 38mm (1.5”) Ash hardwood and are available in 1, ...
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Osh Style “Western Pattern” Wood Handled Spoons

    Western style spoons are great with nice strong bent angled flat part and turned up edges that is ideal for ...
  • Out of Stock

    Drop Manhole Bridge

    The Drop Manhole Bridge is designed to “bridge that gap” from the pipe entrance, cross over the Drop down pipe, ...
  • Safety Insert Nozzle Guide to Suit FGLS Poles

    TIME SAVER/ BACK SAVER/ELIMINATES FRUSTRATION.  Now, for the first time, you can positively put the nozzle where you want it. ...
  • Telescopic Fibreglass Poles

    Extendable telescopic fibreglass poles. This is a low stocked item.  If not in stock, please contact [email protected] for estimated delivery ...
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Sewer Magnet 45KGS Capacity

    45KGS Capacity. An overall metal retriever. Connects right to our fiberglass poles. Great tool for retrieving that lost tool; can ...
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Shovels

    Black steel shovels comes in various shapes.  Connects to fibreglass poles.    
  • PUMA Fibreglass Poles with Standard Weight Orange Quick Connect

    We offer a full range of Fibreglass Pole sets. Hollow and foam filled. All come with a spring-loaded Male and ...
  • Chisel Popper

    The Chisel Popper’s chisel style end is used for prying and popping where extra leverage is needed.
  • Out of Stock

    Threaded End Fibreglass Pole Standard Weight

    Fibreglass Poles with Quick-Connect Ends: just one type from our full range of Fibreglass Pole sets. Hollow, Foam-Filled and Steel ...
  • Threaded End Foam Filled Poles for Extra Strength

    Fibreglass Poles with Threaded Ends: Our complete line of fibreglass poles are available with threaded-end connections made of steel for ...
  • Out of Stock

    Threaded End Steel Reinforced Fibreglass Poles

    Strongest pole available out there. Our complete lines of fibreglass poles are available with threaded-end connections made of steel for ...
  • Mighty Probe Insulated Probing Bar

    A heavy-duty solid probe with the addition of a current isolator to increase operator protection against electrical shock. Designed for ...
  • Mighty Probe Parts & Accessories

    Mighty Probe Parts & Accessories.  Please select form the drop down menu Slide Adapter – The Slide Adapter is available for ...
  • Manhole Bursting Chisels

    These chisels help lift tightly sealed manhole lids. Available in Small and Large.
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