Pipeline Rehabilitation Equipment

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  • Dancutter Cutter Heads & Discs

    A wide range of cutter heads and discs for Dancutter systems.  If unsure of size or requirements, please contact us. […]
  • Dancutter Diamond Tools

  • Dancutter Mini Bike

    Incredibly Flexible & Powerful In A Small Package KEY FEATURES DC Mini Bike 50 – 70mm pipe diameters 5m air supply […]
  • Dancutter Super Flex

    Extremely flexible and user-friendly cutter that can work in small pipes.  KEY FEATURES DC SUPERFLEX 75 – 150mm pipe diameters 25 or […]
  • Quick-Lock

    Positioned usually by a crawler and expanded pneumatically, Quick-Lock’s rehab sleeve provides structural, trenchless pipe repair with heavy-gauge 316 stainless […]
  • Quick-Lock BIG

    The Quick-Lock BIG sleeve is a product for permanently and tightly sealing leaking pipe joints, radial cracks, and longitudinal cracks […]
  • Trelleborg Drain Flexrib Manhole Seal

    Eliminates Inflow and Infiltration.   The grade adjustment area of the manhole is the first to suffer deterioration caused by […]
  • Trelleborg Drain Internal Joint Seal

    Designed to restore joint integrity.   Pipe and manhole joints generally experience higher ground water pressure than the grade adjustment […]
  • Trelleborg Drain Liner End Seal

    Prevents infiltration between Liner and Host Pipe.   The Drain Liner End Seal utilizes the patented Slotted Band® to provide […]
  • Trelleborg Drain Packer

    The Drain Packer method is suitable for the sectional repair of damaged buried gravity sewer pipes and pressurized pipelines.   Applications: […]
  • Trelleborg DrainLCR-B

    New Method for the Lateral Connection Repair of Underground House Sewers and Downpipes in Buildings   Main Pipe DN 100 […]
  • Trelleborg DrainLCR-S

    Method for the Sectional Renovation of Lateral Junctions and Pipes in the Main Sewer Line   Main pipe: DN 130 […]
  • Trelleborg DrainLining

    Full-Length Sewer Rehabilitation of Main- and House Sewer DN 30 – DN 1000 by Inversion method The DrainLiner method is best […]
  • Trelleborg DrainMtH Liner

    The unique Main to House sewer lining system   Trenchless Rehabilitation system for the sealing and stabilizing of lateral connections […]
  • Trelleborg DrainSystems

    Certified pipe rehabilitation solutions from the drain to the treatment plant   The DrainSystems range covers almost the entire scope […]
  • Trelleborg Resin Systems

    Resin systems for full rehabilitation and sectional renovation of pipes and sewers. Trelleborg Pipe Seals manufactures high-quality resin systems for […]